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Life Saving Bullet Proof Armor

Over 70% of all mass shootings occur in schools, work places and retail areas, yet few of these facilities are hardened to effectively protect occupants and critical areas from those threats. Safe Place Solution has the answer with a range of affordable, customizable and user-friendly concealed ballistic products for these settings, protecting you and your loved ones in an active shooter event.

Armor Products
Armor Products
Bullet Proof Shield

Effective Bullet Proof Products

We live, eat and breathe ballistic protection products and solutions. Keeping people protected from active shooter threats is our day-to-day mission.

Why is Our Armor The Best?

Our decades of work in ballistic protection systems has earned the trust of government, military and commercial clients. Let us put this experience to work for you.

Our "Bullet Proof" Advantage

We believe that supplying products which are protective yet affordable allows for even more applications to be possible. You can have our lifesaving ballistic protection for less than the cost of some countertops.

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