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Our Story

Safe Place Solutions is a subsidiary of Clifton Steel, an integral supplier of steel armor plate and ballistic products to the U.S. military for more than 20 years. Years ago, the company realized their steel armor plate was needed in civilian environments. After soldiers lost their lives to a lone gunman at a military recruiting center in Tennessee, Clifton Steel executives Herbert C. Neides and John Thomas founded Safe Place Solutions and manufactured a product that would prevent the incident from happening again. The company’s first ballistic product, the armored benches, were installed into the environment.

Neides and Thomas were inspired to broaden design and manufacture a series of ballistic armor products that could be installed on a customized basis to harden critical areas and protect innocent civilians in their places of work, school and business. Their efforts led them to innovate and produce Safe Place Solutions Ballistic Benches, WonderBoard™ and WonderTile™.

Today, Safe Place manufactures a range of patent-pending ballistic protection products for schools, offices, retail centers and other public settings. The company has shipped thousands of Ballistic Benches since the product was launched in late 2015. And the company’s new products, WonderBoard and WonderTile, have been received with great interest by schools, healthcare facilities, retail centers and office settings.

Our Mission

We live, eat and breathe ballistic protection products and solutions. Keeping people protected from active shooter threats is our day-to-day mission.

Why Choose Safe Place?

Our decades of work in ballistic protection systems has earned the trust of government, military and commercial clients. Let us put this experience to work for you.  


We believe that supplying products which are protective yet affordable allows for even more applications to be possible. You can have our lifesaving ballistic protection for less than the cost of some countertops.

Featured Product


Mobile ballistic protection that blocks bullets and buys time.

I started Safe Place Solutions to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  Make our proven expertise in lifesaving ballistic protection available to the public at affordable prices. 
​Our interest is in the preservation of life by providing a safe place for people in an active shooter event when minutes matter.

                        — Herbert C. Neides, CEO

Superior Ballistic protection. 

When minutes matter, find a Safe Place™

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