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Our proprietary ballistic armor allows almost any area, setting or site to become a protected environment. From user-installed ballistic surface tiles to custom-designed and installed armored furniture, door skins and transportation vehicles, we have an answer for your needs.

We offer a variety of custom-designed and user-installed solutions for existing structures and new facilities to provide critical, unobtrusive protection in virtually any situation. Our products are designed to protect people and first-responders by providing cover when minutes matter.

Superior Ballistic protection. 

When minutes matter, find a Safe Place™

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Our customizable, versatile products deliver effective ballistic protection in critical areas within schools, universities and institutions to safeguard students, staff and visitors. SPS products enhance existing Emergency Action Plans and adapt to facility infrastructures.

Frontline Ballistic Protection When Every Second Matters

Safe Place Solutions™ provides innovative products and services designed to save lives and protect facilities in the event of an active shooter or active threat scenario. Our patented ballistic technologies provide the most effective barrier for saving lives when minutes matter.  

Manufactured in various thicknesses to meet a range of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials protection levels, our ballistic products are functional, inconspicuous and will blend into any decor. Available in both fixed and mobile/mountable platforms, our solutions include a range of user-installed products, as well as custom-designed and specialized ballistic installations based on the unique needs of each environment and threat level, providing a Safe Place if terror strikes.

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